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Hm Quickshifter Faq

Hm Quickshifter Question and Answers

We have put together a list of some commonly asked questions regarding Hm Quickshifter products. Please take a moment to read through them and if your question is not here, or not answered as you would like, please feel free to use the contact us form or call us toll free at (03) 9764 1670 and we will help sort through them directly with you.

Q - Do you make a quickshifter that can be used on non fuel injected motorcycles?

A - Yes hm quickshifters can be installed using an ignition controller and the hm quickshifter pc version. These 2 items will make our units compatible with bikes with a cdi ignition.

Q - My bike has a power commander already installed. Can i use your quickshifter also or is it not compatible with it?

A - Hm Quickshifter products are a stand alone quickshifter, therefore it can be used on any bike that we make a loom for. Doesnt matter if your bike has a race ecu or is a standard bike of the showroom floor, our quick shifter will work with it. What this means is that no matter what else you install our quick shifter kits will work independant of them.

Q - Do i need to select push or pull like other quickshifters?

A - No. The Hm Quickshifter kits operate in both directions so you do not need to purchase anything else. So this way you have the choice or either standard road pattern or swap to gp shift (reverse shift) at anytime you desire.

Q - What shift rod length do i require for my motorcycle?

A - In all of our product listings we supply you with the information of what would be required to fit a standard model bike with standard rearsets. As the strain gauge is 50mm long, to determine the shift rod you require simply measure the original rod and minus 50mm. For example, if your rearsets currently have a shift rod length of 200mm you will require a 150mm shift rod to complete the installation. All shift rods sold separately.

Q - Do you also sell Annitori Quick Shifters?

A - No. We only sell the Hm Quickshifter branded products not the lite version that is supplied to Annitori. Please read the comparrison between the Hm Quickshifter range and Annitori version here:  HM QUICKSHIFTER VS ANNITORI RL QUICK SHIFTER