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Hm Quickshifter Install Guide

Fitting the Linkage

Remove the standard linkage arm, making a note of the position of the gear lever. Now fit together the Strain Gauge with an HM linkage shift rod kit (available separately) to achieve the same overall length as the standard linkage.

Refit the linkage making sure that the Strain Gauge and the cable exiting the Strain Gauge will not foul the gear lever or any other mechanism. It is preferred to fit the Strain Gauge nearest the gearbox.

The Strain Gauge Sensor has two female threads. These are special Dual Threads and each of these threads will accept both a LEFT or a RIGHT thread.

Hm Quickshifter Shift Rod Linkage

Things to watch for:

  • The Sensor and Shift rod must be free on the rose joints. This means that you should be able to rotate the Sensor and Linkage rod at least a small amount on the rose joints. 
  • The Sensor and Linkage Rod must not hit or foul anything. Move the lever through its travel and make sure that the sensor and linkage rod are free to move without touching anything. 
  • The wire between the sensor and the LCD box can be damaged by pulling hard or by cables ties being too tight

Fitting the Lcd Control Box

Find a suitable place on the bike (typically under the seat) and route the wires to the linkage in a way that will keep them clear of possible damage.

Hm Quick Shifter LCD Display

Fitting to the Bike Electrical System

There are variations to the HM Quickshifter to suit different applications:

HM Quickshifter PLUS (SH / YK / TRI / DUCATI / KTM)

This is the flagship HM Quickshifter. It connects directly to the plug top coils and has many benefits. One of these benefits is that it is completely independent of the ecu and bike loom. It also shifts much better than almost any ecu.

Wiring: The supplied loom simply plugs inline with the Ignition Coils. The only other connection is the earth strap which must be connected to a good earth (NOT the cam cover).

NOTE: The sub loom has a label on it (YK / SH etc), it is very important that only the correct sub loom is used with the appropriate bike:

  • YK Yamaha and Kawasaki 
  • SH Suzuki and Honda 
  • TRI Triumph 
  • KTM KTM 
  • DUC Ducati

Hm Quick Shifter Coil Loom Install Picture


HM Quickshifter PC used with a Power Commander V

Cut the connector off of the HM Quickshifter PC. This will expose three wires: Red, Black and Green/White.

The Power Commander V has screw terminals for external devices. Attach the Green/White wire to the ‘SHIFTER’ terminal and Red to a switch Positive and Black to ground.

See “HM Quickshifter PC used with a Power Commander III USB” for setup information

HM Quickshifter PC used with a Power Commander III USB

Simply plug the HM Quickshifter into the Power Commander 3 USB. Now attach a Computer via USB lead to the Power Commander and ENABLE the quickshift functionality inside the Power Commander using the Dynojet Power Commander Quickshift Enabler software.
Once this has been done, you will need to check the shifter settings in the Power Commander using the Power Commander Mapping Software. The settings should be:

Cut Off RPM: 2000 and Kill Time: 65ms

The Cut Off RPM represent the RPM below which the shifter will not work. This usually set high for Switch Type shifters to eliminate the possibility of the bike stalling when shifting into first gear at idle. If the HM Quickshifter is setup correctly for direction (see SETUP) then this is not possible, so a much lower RPM can be used.

The Kill Time on the shifter is irrelevant because the Power Commander now does the actual shifting.

For more detailed information please vist our resource page for manula, videos and more tips here: