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Hm Quickshifter Setup & Settings

Hm Quickshifter Setup & Settings

Please follow the instructions below to put Hm Quickshifter Plus into setup mode:

  • Make sure your motorcycle is completely turned off 
  • Press the button on back of HM Plus LCD screen unit while switching ignition on.
  • Switch ignition on you will see the Hm quickshifter Plus count down from 5 down to zero and at zero let go off the button.
  • Now your in setup mode where you can view the 3 different settings the plus has to offer.
  • Firstly is the setting for either c compression(for up shift) or e for extension for (race shift). Tapping the button will change between the 2 settings available
  • The second setting is for Sensititivity setting which can vary depending on what setup you have installed. Most bikes work well at the standard setting of 50 but oem rearsets may require a higher setting some even at 100%.
  • The third setting in the setup process is the kill time. The standard setting is 60ms which is a good starting point but you may find the need to change this setting depending on what rpm you like to setup the quick shifter for.
  • To exit setup mode, press and hold the button until the LCD screen returns to normal mode/screen
  • Now its ready to go and enjoy the best quickshifter on the market.

Hm Quickshifter Kill Time Setting

The Time gap is how long (in milliseconds) power is cut for to allow for a gear change. To change the KILL TIME, simply press and release the button. When a kill time of 150 is reached, the next press of the button will cause the time gap to roll over to 1.

Kill times depend on where in the rev range you like to change gears. For riders that like to change in the midrange a setting of around 62 will be most suitable. For riders that are using that upper end to redline when changing gears then the kill time setting will be around 55 or less! If the bike is lurching then your kill time is to long and if its hard to shift then it's too short. With the correct settings it should be nice and slick.

Hm Quickshifter Sensitivity Setting

The sensitivity is how much force needs to be applied to the gear lever before a quickshift is initiated. The HIGHER the number, the MORE sensitive the QUICKSHIFTER will be. To change sensitivity, simply press and release the button. When a sensitivity of 100% is reached, the next press of the button will cause the sensitivity to roll over to 5%.

Sensitivity is different for each bike and setup or your rearsets so you need to set the sensitivity to show SHIFT on the display just as it clunks into gear. Most bikes work around the 50% setting but some may require a higher or lower value. Some standard rearsets may require up to 100%.

Hm Quickshifter Install Guide

For detailed information on how to install the hm quickshifter click here

Hm Quick Shifter Static Test

Part 1:

Turn the bike on so that the LCD is visible. Now whilst watching the LCD push/pull the gear in the direction that would shift up the gearbox (UP for road pattern and DOWN for race pattern). The LCD display should flash up ‘SHIFT’ The ideal sensitivity is when the lever needs slight more force than engaging the next gear requires. If the LCD does not flash up shift, increase sensitivity until it does, just for this test. Also make sure that the C and E are the right way round.

Part 2:

Sit on the bike and put into 6th gear. Hold the clutch in and keep it held in for the entire duration of this test. The bike must not move! If you can, also hold the back brake on. Now start the bike and lift the RPM to a steady 4000 or above RPM. Whilst holding the engine at this steady RPM try and shift into an imaginary 7th gear. Every time you do you should just hear the engine RPM dip for a split second.