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Hm Quickshifter vs Annitori RL Quick Shifter

Latest Breaking News regarding Annitori Quickshifter.

Hm Quickshifter no longer makes quick shifter kits for Annitori quickshifter. Any new shifter Annitori bring out now is not affiliated, manufactured or designed by Hm Quickshifter in any way.

Annitori RL Quick Shifter vs Hm Quickshifter

The difference between the Annitori Quick Shifter and the HM Quickshifter is the Annitori is what we call a lite version. With all our Hm Quickshifters they are fully adjustable for both kill time and sensitivity.

The Annitori Quick Shifter has a preset non adjustable kill time and only 3 different sensitivity settings, no choice of either compression or extension or both and no Lcd display.

The Hm Quickshifter is completely adjustable for both kill time and sensitivity, you have a choice of compression or extension or both and includes an easy to read lcd display.

So why does this matter?

Kill time is the time gap in milliseconds of how long power is cut for to allow for a gear change. If the kill time is too short then the gearbox may be damaged. A kill time too long will cause the bike to ‘lurch’ during shifts. A kill time of 65 is considered optimal for a typical superbike with a ‘slick’ gearbox. Now the Hm Quickshifter allows for a kill time between 1ms through to 150ms therefore completely eliminating the chance of damaging your gearbox. It also allows you to adjust to the correct time gap to eliminate lurching. This adjustment is not available on the Annitori RL quick shifter.

Sensitivity adjustment is how much force needs to be applied to the gear lever before a quickshift is initiated. If a very sensitive setting is selected, there is a risk of false neutrals or missed gears. You should try and choose a setting that requires normal force to the levers (similar amount of force as would be required without the QUICKSHIFTER). Now the Annitori RL Quick Shifter has 3 preset levels which should suffice if you are lucky enough to be applying the correct amount of force. But what happens if you do not fall within this range of adjustment? The Hm Quickshifter is fully adjustable staring from 5% right up to 100% meaning you can get it exactly as you require.

Compression or Extension selection is non existant on the Annitori Quick Shifter so you have no option available and works in both directions i.e compression and extension. While this is ok in some applications its not ideal for most motorcycles. Simply put, having the option of which direction it will work in can eliminate the problem of your motorcycle stalling between gears on the downshift. Not much fun when your about to take off at the lights or on the track and your bike stalls. The Hm Quickshifter allows you to choose the correct option it will operate in avoiding ever stalling your bike by simply selecting a gear! But in the chance you actually require both the Hm Quick Shifter can do this also.

Lcd Display is not included with the Annitori Quick Shifter as it is only a base version of the Hm Quickshifter Plus. As described above the only changes you can make is the 3 presets on the sensitivity therefore not actually requiring this. The Hm Quickshifter with all its adjustments requires the use of an lcd display to make it easy to adjust both kill time, sensitivity and direction that the strain gauge is working in.

So what is your desire?

Do you want the worlds best motorcycle quick shifter being the Hm Quickshifter or will you be happy with second best? We know our product is going to bring that smile to your face once you have installed the Hm Quickshifter Plus on your motorcycle so check our fitment list and choose your bike to get that awesome quick shifting feeling today!