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Quick Shifter for Carburetor Motorbike

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Quick Shifter for Carburetor Motorbike. Available to use on most pre fuel injection motorcycles.

For bike setup and shift rod length please refer to the Bike Setup and Specifications tab below.

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Quick Shifter for Carb Bike

Using both the Hm Quickshifter PC and the Hm Ignition Controller will aloow our system to work on motorcycles that do not use top coils or have fuel injection.

These 2 components will allow your motorcycle and you to enjoy the benefits of a quick shifter. Can be used with almost any brand of motorcycle including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and many more.

Most older bikes have remote coils with HT Leads going to the sparkplugs (Suzuki GSXR750 up to 2000 for example)

To use a Quickshifter on of these bikes, you will need the HM Quickshifter PC and the HM Ignition Controller.

To connect the system, simply plug the HM Quickshifter PC into the Ignition Controller on the side marked “QUICK SHIFTER”.

Plug the supplied loom into the other side of the HM Ignition Controller marked “BIKE LOOM”.

The supplied Loom has two MALE and two FEMALE spade connectors. These are grouped so that there is two cables with two cores, each having one male and one female spade connector.

Remove the stock female spade connector on the ignition coil and place the female spade connector on the supplied loom in its place. Now simply plug the stock female spade connector into the remaining male spade connector.

Now put the Red Wire to a switch 12v positive and the black to a good earth (NOT the CAM COVER).

SPECIFICATIONS (PC) version Minimum voltage 5.1v
Maximum voltage 16v
Maximum transient 60v, <100ms
Current consumption <25mA
LCD shock 3G (1G = 9.8m/s²)
LCD functional temp 0ºC to 80ºC
LCD maximum temp -20ºC to +90ºC
System functional temp -40ºC to +125ºC
NOTE: If the LCD is taken beyond its functional temp, it will not be
readable but will recover after some settling time once it functional
range is restored.

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Maximum voltage 16V
Maximum load current 250mA

PC version: The GREEN/WHITE wire is held low (transistor ON) during a quickshift for the duration of the TIME GAP selected. It is otherwise floating (NOT PULLED HIGH). The GREEN/WHITE wire may be used to link the quick shifter to other systems, such as KIT LOOMS etc. It is configured as an open collector (NPN). ~ The Green/White wire is taken to ground for the duration of a shift.

To determine the shift rod length required, please measure the rod only as per the last photo above. For example if that measurement is 200mm then you will be required to order a 150mm rod. Therefore once our sensor (50mm) and the shift rod supplied are mounted together the overall length as the current rod on your motorcycle will be the same. In this example 200mm. If your shift rod has 2 male ends, then measure between the 2 threaded sections only and likewise minus 50mm from that measurement.


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