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Hm Quickshifter Blipper Stand Alone System Onboard Video Yamaha R6

New HM Quickshifter truly stand alone blipper/shifter unit is coming!!

The HM Quickshifter Blip/Shift unit comes in 2 versions, Lite and Pro.

Lite Version

World leading strain gauge technology quickshifter. (others use a strain gauge to calibrate their units).

Most accurate and precise blip/shift system in the world. 
Fully adjustable in the following areas, kill time, blip time and blip strength.

Pro Version

As above including adjustable kill times, blip times and blip strength for individual gears.
The worlds smoothest pit lane limiter done by speed. Simply enter the speed and its a smooth limit. No more changing settings due to gear ratios etc or bouncing down pit lane on a set rpm.
Auto warm up feature. Unlike EVERY other system, this has a unique and controlled way of warming the bike up. When the bike is cold and until it reaches a set temperature, the warm up procedure is soft. Then once it reaches a set temperature the frequency and strength of the warm up increases unit it reaches the pre set limit or disabled manually.

Available around Feb/March and initially available for the 2017 Yamaha R6, Yamaha MT10 and Triumph Street Triple.

No other components needed as this is truly a stand alone product and comes with the fully world renowned HM Quickshifter control system.

With the video you also get to see the Hm Dash M3 in action. You can see the gear indicator, shift lights, last lap time and predicted lap time on the screen. Plug and play available for a range of bikes or can be hardwired to almost any bike.

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Hm Quickshifter Shift / Blipper