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Hm Quickshifter Product Specs

Hm Quickshifter Product Comparison

Hm Quickshifter Product Range

All our motorcycle quick shifter kits are standalone units and use the best quality strain gauge available. They are not switches, GP Type switch, proximity sensors or whatever else others are, they are fully featured top of the line strain gauges. They all use our own software which is key to the success of our shifters and why none feel like a HM on your bike.

HM Quickshifter Super Lite

Hm Quickshifter Superlite

This is a basic Plus (listed below) with 1 preset kill times and 3 sensitivity settings. It has no control box as it is all built in to the sensor. Unlike other we have made for 3rd parties this uses the same components and software as the Plus as is not built to a cheap budget although the price is kept to a bare minimum so people can at least still have a HM Quickshifter on there bike just with limited functions. $449.99

HM Quickshifter Plus

Hm Quickshifter Plus

This unit has a fully adjustable kill time and sensitivity settings but not for each gear and is by far our biggest selling product to date. Used by many professionals and street riders for almost 10 years. What all other quickshifters have tried to beat. $649.99

HM Quickshifter Plus SS

Hm Quickshifter Plus SS

This unit is a no frills GP Shifter (listed below). It uses the new HMSS technology as in the GP. This gives the unit the ability to release the power back to the rear wheel BEFORE the preset kill time has passed. So for example if you have set the kill time to 55ms and you have changed gear and the unit see's the gear is fully engaged, lets say in 37ms, it will release the power back to the rear wheel even if this is before the kill time you have pre set. $849.99

Hm Quickshifter GP Shifter

The all singing and all dancing. This is what the top level teams in the top paddocks were asking for. this has it all, different kill times for every gear. Different sensitivity for every gear. The ability to turn HMSS on or off for each individual gear. Adjust the minimum kill time (HMSS) for each gear. Full data logging of the Quickshifter. The ability to operate an external blipped module ECU. From $1299.99