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Hm Quickshifter Stand Alone Lap Timer

Hm Quickshifter Lap Timer
Fresh from unveiling their revolutionary new Cloud system, HM Quickshifter is excited to launch the most advanced and reliable predictive GPS lap timer in the world. The wireless Stand Alone Lap Timer provides up-to-date information over the course of a lap, allowing riders to understand how different lines affect their overall time.
With the HM Quickshifter Cloud system providing trackday enthusiasts with never-before-seen levels of data analytics, which will allow them to perfect their performance and reduce lap times, the UK company is now excited to launch a brand new product to its Cloud range; the HM Quickshifter Stand Alone Lap Timer.
The simple wireless device is highly effective, providing riders with the world’s most advanced, accurate and reliable predictive GPS lap timer. The device shows whether you are currently up, or down, on your best lap and reacts to your performance in real time; meaning you can immediately see how different lines effect your overall lap time. Laps and sessions can navigated and you can even search for lap times / session by date and/ track – right on the device for the entire history of your riding.
With dozens of circuits around the world already installed onto the device, the sectors and finish line are already registered so riders will not have to do anything. For any circuits which are not registered, the smart device will choose a finish line for you – which can then be easily altered at any time.
The HM Quickshifter Stand Alone Lap Timer comes with four screen settings, designed for every type of rider. These include:
  • Last lap time and the predicted time
  • Best lap time and predicted time
  • Last lap time and predicted difference
  • Best lap time and predicted difference
In addition to this, the lap number and session time are also always on display. For those riders who are active on the all-new HM Cloud analysis system, when the USB Flash Drive from the Stand Alone Lap Timer is plugged into a computer, it will automatically synchronize all your data with the cloud. At the same time, the Lap Timer will update itself to ensure it is running the latest firmware.
Coming with a long-life rechargeable battery, the Stand Alone Lap Timer is available very soon from or and costs $649.99. For more information on the HM Cloud, visit