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Motorcycle Quick Shifter Kit - Learn More On How They Work

What is a Quick Shifter?

Basically a quick shifter allows you to change into a higher gear without the use of the clutch at either full or part throttle. All you need to do as the rider is either push or pull on the gear lever to change gears, that is it. So instead of rolling off the throttle, pulling the clutch in, then shifting gears, releasing the clutch while smoothly reapplying power or throttle again all this takes time and work to complete. Our motorcycle quick shifter kit will do all the hard work for you.

How does the Motorcycle Quick Shifter Kit work?

Our quick shifter is design to reduce the load on the drive train enough to allow the next gear to slip in without any damage to your gearbox all while holding the throttle at 100%. The strain gauge which is mounted on a shift rod detects movement which then initiates the cut of ignition to the coils or by cutting fuel in some cases. This only takes in most setups up to 60 ms to complete offering you a quick shift action which is fast and consistent.

Hm Quick Shifter Setup

Most brands of quickshifters use a pressure switch which over time will wear and end in failure. Hm Quickshifters use a strain gauge which measures molecular change when force is applied to the shift rod. This means that our quick shifters kit have no moving parts therefore last longer and also maintain the same precise shift every time.

Unlike most other brands of quickshifters, the same unit can be used for either push or pull (we call it compression or extension) without needing to purchase any extra components. Therefore if you decide to change shift pattern or use different rearsets with a different pivot point our system will allow this with just a change of a setting on the lcd display.

All our Hm quick shifter kits are truly plug and play with no modifications required to your existing motorcycle loom. And in most scenarios the factory settings will work out of the box for most motorcycles. Complete manual and tips included to make installation easy.