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HM Quickshifter has just announced that its innovative Stand Alone Blipper System can now be fitted to the 2009-2014 BMW S1000RR, one of the most popular trackday machines on the market. The new Suzuki GSX-R1000 (2017-onwards) is also now compatible with the system.

First launched earlier this year for a range of machines, the HM Quickshifter Stand Alone Blipper System is now able to be fitted to the 2009-2014 BMW S1000RR, as well as the latest generation of the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

The BMW kit is available in two versions, Lite and Pro, whilst the Suzuki is currently only available in Lite. The simple plug-and-play Lite version features an adjustable shifting and back shifting (auto blipping) program whilst the Pro version has a fully configurable program for shifting, back shifting, warm up and launch control, as well as a pit lane speed limiter.

The Pro version also features an auto-warmup function which controls the throttle to warm the engine; constantly monitoring the coolant temperature until the bike reaches a pre-set coolant temperature (set to 80°C as standard). The unit keeps oil pressure optimized and uses less-aggressive throttle blips at lower temperatures to intelligently bring the engine up to working temperature. The kit is programmable to up to 50 different throttle inputs in three different temperature ranges.

To prevent the unit cutting the engine power unexpectedly, the blipper kick-in at the wrong time or potentially hold the throttle open, the HM Quickshifter Stand Alone Blipper System employs a fail-safe to ensure such failures are impossible; by totally disconnecting itself from the throttle circuit when not changing gear. When a shift signal is received, a sub-millisecond-long series of diagnostic functions kicks in and then only if they are passed will the quickshifter insert itself into the throttle circuit.

First, it sets a ‘Deadman Timer’ to ensure it will be automatically locked out of the circuit after the change, no matter what happens. Finally, if there are any errors during the shift operation then it disconnects itself, logs an error and switches off until it has been fixed. This ensures that no matter what happens, the bike is protected from rogue throttle inputs or engine cuts of any kind.

Alongside the BMW and Suzuki, the Stand Alone Blipper system is also available for the following bikes:
  • Honda CBR1000RR (2017-onwards)
  • Kawasaki ZX-10R (2017-onwards)
  • Triumph Street Triple 765 (2017-onwards)
  • Triumph 1050RS
  • Yamaha MT-10 (2016-onwards)
  • Yamaha YZF-R1 (2015-onwards)
  • Yamaha YZF-R6 (2017-onwards)

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